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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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In a Cube lived a Hobbit

Sierra go there and back on the GameCube

While EA were busy scooping up the rights to develop video games based on the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy, Sierra outflanked them by going straight to Tolkein Enterprises to license the rights for the original books on which they're based. We already knew that Sierra were working on a Fellowship Of The Rings game for the Xbox, but today they announced that a GameCube title based on The Hobbit is also underway and due for release next year. Developed by Austin-based Inevitable Entertainment, the game will be a third person action-adventure affair in which you guide Bilbo Baggins there and back again, encountering all manner of goblins, wolves, elves and trolls along the way. "The Hobbit is one of the pre-eminent fantasy works of all time and is perfectly suited to be the inspiration for a great game", according to Sierra president Mike Ryder. "The book provides a tremendous amount of rich material from which we expect to make a fantasy game that lives up to the extremely high expectations of Tolkien's fans worldwide." Further details are scarce at this point, but no doubt Bilbo will take off his ring sooner or later and we can get a better idea of whether the game has captured the magic of the book or ended up as a snack for a passing dragon. Related Feature - Two Rings To Bind Them All

Source - press release