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Lik Sang barred from the US

Customs clamp down on DMCA violations

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When we noted that Lik Sang was still stocking NEO4 mod chips in light of the recent Sony court case we said this probably wasn't the end of the matter, and according to this story on Wired, it wasn't. According to the article, US Customs officials have blocked shipments from Lik Sang, hoping to stop the import of products that may go against federal copyright protections. NEO4 is generally accepted as a bad breed of mod chip, built more or less entirely for the use of copied and backed up PlayStation 2 games. Only recently this writer was offered a NEO-chipped PlayStation 2 and nearly 70 pirated games. It's clear that NEO has made its mark, and attempts to protect against its distribution are now widespread. Lik Sang for its part has pulled the product in light of the controversy, but the Americans aren't especially bothered and continue their blockade. It's not just NEO customers that suffer though. As Wired points out, everything, including Dreamcast coder cables for amateur programming, has been blocked at the port so to speak, and there is no word on when Customs aims to give up on this one. According to Customs, the Dreamcast coder cable and NEO shipments amongst others violate the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Related Feature - ELSPA backs Sony

Source - Wired

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