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Take 2 declares State of Emergency

Takes over Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street for a night of rampant debauchery

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To celebrate the release of State of Emergency this Friday, Take 2 has teamed up with Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street and has hired TV pseudo-celeb Dermot O'Leary to host an evening of on-screen mayhem starting at 9PM on Thursday, February 21st. Apart from offering gamers their chance to buy the game a day ahead of its official release date, the promotion will include all night game challenges with a star prize of a PlayStation 2 and a Sony Wega TV. For a game like SoE, we had half expected some sort of promotional anti-globalisation march; all these free electronic goods don't really seem to be in the spirit of the thing. Nevertheless, they are up for grabs, and the first 50 through the door will also receive a free Rockstar T-shirt, but beware, because the event is being flagged on Kiss, Capital and Virgin Radio on Wednesday and Thursday, along with Virgin's in-store radio. If you plan to head down there - we'll be staying in to play the game as it happens - try not to cause a riot. Related Feature - State of Emergency preview

Source - press release

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