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Final Fantasy : The World in Motion

Squaresoft sets up a Vana'diel video stream, and it's boring

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Squaresoft have hooked up an elaborate streaming video of a town in Vana'diel, the fictional world of their forthcoming massively-multiplayer Final Fantasy XI. The stream offers music, and a higher resolution than the company's static webcam, which has been updating once every ten seconds for some time at PlayOnline. According to The GIA, who uncovered the Windows Media format streaming video however, life in Vana'diel consists largely of two people gawping motionless at the camera and others coming and going over a drawbridge. Those expecting titanic, epicurean confrontations of unfathomable magnitude on a global basis stand to be disappointed by the stream. You would be best focusing your attentions on the February 29th release of Final Fantasy Anthology, which includes a demo of the - as far as the FFXI beta testers are concerned anyway - vastly superior Final Fantasy X. It rivals Tolstoy by comparison. Related Feature - Final Fantasy XI preview

Source - The GIA

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