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Portable Monopoly approaching

The GBA mod maker plans to make pre-orders of its kit available shortly

Portable Monopoly, a company which sprang up to deal with the problem of GBA backlighting, has relaunched its website and announced that it will shortly be taking American (and subsequently international) pre-orders for its GameBoy Advance backlighting mod kit. The kit will cost $35, for which consumers will receive one light guide and light source, which fits inside the GBA system casing above the LCD and below the plastic screen cover, an optional on/off switch, a generous two-foot length of insulated electrical wire in case of mistakes and one modification tutorial. Other tools required for the job include a soldering iron, wire strippers or equivalent, a knife, a screwdriver and one of those handy compressed air dust removers, which is recommended before performing the modification. Portable Monopoly rate the kit 4/10 on the difficulty scale, "where 1 is putting two Lego blocks together and 10 is building a car engine from scratch". Portable Monopoly is discussing pre-installed mod kits and the possibility of a fitting service with interested companies, and looked set to do it in the past, but "the legal issues were overwhelming". Portable Monopoly expects third parties to do the job "down the road". You can find out more about Portable Monopoly (and witness some impressive photos of the product in action) in the website's FAQ. Related Feature - Extra Good

Source - Portable Monopoly