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Renegade demo released

C&C first person shooter hits the net

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Electronic Arts and Westwood have released a multiplayer-only demo version of their Command & Conquer themed first person shooter, Renegade. Weighing in at just shy of 90Mb, the demo includes one map supporting the C&C teamplay mode, which essentially throws you into the middle of a real-time strategy game where all of the units are real players running and driving around the map. Included are 28 characters, 23 weapons and 11 vehicles, which should be enough to keep any Command & Conquer fan happy. The only downside is that apparently the demo must be played using GameSpy Arcade. Still, if you fancy a little online Conquering you can grab the demo from any of the following sites -

Your chance to drive a real C&C tank. Or blow it up.

download from 3D Gamers (USA)

download from Barrysworld (UK)

download from BonusWeb (CZ)

download from Fragland (BE)

download from Tiscali (CZ)

- C&C Renegade preview

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