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Bam drives on to GameCube

Sylvester Stallone movie gets another console outing

Bam will be entering the GameCube market with Driven, based on the Sylvester Stallone movie of the same name. Driven should ship for the Cube's European launch and will be one of the few motor racing games available on day one, which is probably lucky for Bam as the original PS2 version of the game was pretty poor. On the bright side, the developers have apparently spent the last few months "further improving the handling of the cars and the overall playability of the game .. using the feedback from the PlayStation 2 version". Whether these changes are drastic enough to make the game fun should become clear soon, as the GameCube version of Driven is due for release in America next month. Related Feature - Driven GBA review

This looks almost as painful as playing the PS2 version of Driven.

Source - press release