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Nike sues Sega

Alleges videogame company and its advertising agency copied an old advert

Here's an interesting titbit. Reuters is reporting that Nike has filed suit against Sega and its advertising company Leagas Delaney after a recent TV advert allegedly copied an older Nike campaign. The advert for Sega's NBA 2K2 features an animated player in a slow-motion slam-dunk, which Nike claims is too close to its own advert "Frozen Moment", starring Michael Jordan doing much the same thing to the LA Lakers defence. Nike's suit claims copyright infringement and unfair competition. They want an injunction barring the ad from further airplay, and they also want either damages or a royalty from every copy of the game sold. Obviously paying for all that cheap third world labour is taking its toll! Sega and Leagas Delaney were unavailable for comment.

Source - Reuters