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Get Whacked! For Xbox!

Another ill-fitting exclamation mark to ruin perfectly good sentences. Cheers Bill...

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"Whacked!" is the sort of game designed by a marketing guy. Developed by Presto Studios exclusively for Xbox, it's about a game show, except for some reason this is an irreverent and incredibly dangerous game show where the contestants have to face one another in combat. Various power-ups and "zany" weapons can be employed to vanquish the competition, as players take on the guise of one of the "crazy" contestants. Meet Otto, "the emaciated, narcoleptic dude who lets his recliner do all the work," and Lucy, "whose sinfully attractive body is surpassed only by her cunning ability to use it." If you haven't overdosed on cliché or closed this window in embarrassment by now, you can find the rest of the press release here.

Source - press release

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