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Thrusty new Xbox peripherals

Fox 2 Pro flightstick and FreeStyler snowboard unveiled

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Following the unveiling of Thrustmaster's Xbox driving accessory, the 360 Modena Racing Wheel, the company has announced two further Xbox peripherals; the Fox 2 Pro flightstick and the FreeStyler snowboard. The Top Gun-sponsored Fox 2 Pro shares a lot of features in common with the 360 Modena, namely dynamic calibration, precise controls and programmability. Thrustmaster believe the flightstick offers the "ultimate in response, control and realism", and point to the ultra-stable weighted base and non-slip rubber pads and important features. The price is also impressive - £29.99 / €49. The other item on Thrustmaster's release schedule is the Xbox FreeStyler Board. For use with games like Amped, the FreeStyler features a non-slip surface for foot control and accuracy, along with a tilt sensor to provide the sensation of real movement. A specially developed, one-hand controller provides all the analogue buttons, working in harmony with the FreeStyler, which will launch for £69.99 / €114 alongside the other Thrustmaster peripherals and the console itself. Related Feature - Thrustmaster steers Xbox

Source - Fox 2 Pro and FreeStyler press releases

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