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Ubi Soft to publish Nightmare Creatures 3

The two-million-selling series to arrive in Q2

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Ubi Soft and Kalisto have announced a worldwide publishing agreement for Nightmare Creatures 3 : Angel of Darkness at Milia today. After combined sales of two million units worldwide for the various versions of Nightmare Creatures 2, Ubi Soft is confident of the third game's success. Ubi Soft CEO Yves Guillemot described the partnership as "a unique way to enter the gothic action adventure genre", while his opposite number at Kalisto Entertainment Nocolas Gaume labelled the game "one of our most important original products". Nightmare Creatures, in case you haven't guessed, concerns a realm of gothic horror fantasy - 19th century Europe actually - where players take up the mantel of a an agile young heroine who sets out to solve a mystery. In a unique twist, you can explore the streets of Prague by daylight before merging with your accompanying Raven and transforming into a formidable fighting beast to take on the night. Kalisto promise a life-like world, three different real-time transformations for the heroine and exceptional special effects. The game's target is simply "the new generation of video game consoles", and with the game due to hit store shelves in the second quarter of 2003, I think we can assume that means PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

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