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Icewind Dale II confirmed

Frigid dungeon crawler spawns sequel

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Interplay have officially announced that Black Isle Studios are working on a follow-up to their moderately successful role-playing game Icewind Dale, with (ironically) an early summer release currently on the cards for the snow-drenched sequel. Taking place a generation after the events of the first game, it sees you and your party of brave adventurers riding to the rescue once more as a vast horde of orcs, goblins and bugbears descends on the port of Targos. The game will again be powered by a modified version of the Infinity Engine which powered the venerable Baldur's Gate series, with an even wider range of weapons, items and spells on offer this time round along with new sub-races and class kits such as the Drow, Tiefling, Mercenary and Giant Killer. Fans of the original will no doubt be brushing off their furs in anticipation.

Source - press release

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