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Lik Sang abandons Neo

Mod chips? What mod chips?

When Sony triumphed over mod chip manufacturers Neo and Channel Technology, UK-based importer and chip installer Madeira Games responded by pulling its entire catalogue of chips and pre-modded consoles. Last Friday Lik Sang, the Hong Kong-based specialist and stockist of Neo's flagship device - the Neo 4 - announced that it would no longer be shipping Neo mod chips to the USA, Canada, Mexico or any other Latin American countries. Lik Sang also advises that it will not be stocking Messiah at any point in the near future. Meanwhile, the Origa brothers - the pair behind the lesser-known Origachip for PlayStation 2 - are apparently still in business, and Lik Sang continues to stock their chips for PAL and NTSC consoles. An Origachip v1.12 for PAL systems allows gamers to play games from any region using the swap method, and PSone originals without. Whether Origachip sales will be shortly curtailed is difficult to say, but given its ability to play imported software, DVD backups and CDRs, it has a lot in common with the technology that cost Neo and Channel so dearly a fortnight ago. Lik Sang remains one of the few places you can still purchase a mod chip. Related Feature - Messiah roasted

Source - Lik Sang