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Unreal goes Postal

Ban this filth! Please?

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While we have nothing against video game violence and enjoy a good drive-by shooting in Grand Theft Auto 3 as much as the next man, some games seem to exist purely to court controversy. Released back in 1997, Postal was one such game. Garnering mediocre reviews from most magazines and websites, as well as attracting the wrath of the US Postmaster General, its relative lack of gameplay was covered up by excessive gore as you ran through the streets blowing away innocent bystanders for no obvious good reason. Amazingly though developers Running With Scissors are still around, and have even begun work on a sequel - a first person shooter using the latest Unreal technology. Obviously this means that the graphics and multiplayer support will be better this time round, and RWS are also promising a better story for the sequel .. which shouldn't be hard to achieve. Whether this will add up to a game which is actually fun to play as well as excruciatingly gruesome isn't clear, but Epic boss Mark Rein summed things up nicely in the press release. "Frankly, these Running With Scissors guys are out of their minds; the thought of them using the Unreal Warfare engine to make Postal 2 totally disgusts us."

Source - Postal website

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