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Grand Prix 4 details

June, Xbox and PC, 2001 data, multiplayer and motion-capture pit crews...

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Infogrames has announced that the fourth iteration of Geoff Crammond's popular Grand Prix series of computer games will launch in June 2002 along with an Xbox version. This is the first time the series has appeared on a console, and a major coup for Microsoft's new console, which will have launched in Europe by that time. Grand Prix 4, like its predecessors, will stake its claim on accuracy and attention to detail, backed up by official 2001 FIA Formula One World Championship licensed data. All the official drivers, teams and tracks from the 2001 season. Assisted by Infogrames' Chippenham internal development studio, Geoff Crammond along with his own development company Simergy has produced a game that in Crammond's esteemed opinion, surpasses even the heady heights of Grand Prix 3. "We believe Grand Prix 4 raises and redefines our own benchmarks in terms of realism and playability," commented Crammond. "Our aim is not simply to produce a great game about racing, but to deliver a complete F1 driving experience which is as close to having a real F1 drive as possible." Apart from the seasonal updates, Grand Prix 4 features an enhanced graphics engine that should look glorious on the Xbox and modern PC, with the usual scaling options for computers which can't cope with everything. Multiplayer options, improved audio and a series first motion-captured pit crew are also promised. Expect to see the game showing up the rival franchises some time in June. Related Feature - Grand Prix 3 review

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