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Lucas Arts lands on Planet Moon

New "humorous action title" in the works

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Lucas Arts have revealed that Giants developer Planet Moon is working on "an original humorous action title" for them, set to be released on unspecified next generation consoles some time in 2003. There's no clue yet as to exactly what the game is or even what it will be called, and it could be some time before we find out, as Planet Moon president Nick Bruty quite accurately points out that "our past games have focused on two things : being late and over budget". On the bright side, if it's half as funny as Giants it should be well worth a look when it's finally released some time in .. ooh .. we'd guess 2005. In the meantime, the long overdue PlayStation 2 port of Giants is expected to crawl out of the primeval ooze and into Europe on February 15th. Related Feature - Giants screenshots

Source - press release

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