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FFX sells four million

The first PS2 game to do it...

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Gamespot is reporting that Squaresoft-developed Final Fantasy X has reached the four-million-sales mark worldwide. But Reuters is reporting that the company still expects to post a loss of $133 million for the fiscal year ending March 2002 after Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within backfired. The Spirits Within was Squaresoft's first and last foray into feature films, but it landed the company countless deals to provide computer-generated visuals in big Hollywood blockbusters, which may pay off in the long run. The company will not adjust its projection to reflect sales of Final Fantasy X, which is the first PlayStation 2 game to sell four million copies, but still eludes European gamers, allegedly thanks to problems with the translation process that have held the game up until the summer. Related Feature - First and Final Fantasy

I'm afraid... this film is going to flop [audible gasps]

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