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SCE to release Linux kit in Europe

And America, but who lives there? Honestly?

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In an unlikely move, Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed the forthcoming release of the infamous PlayStation 2 Linux kit (otherwise known as Linux for PlayStation 2 Release 1.0) not just in America, but also in Europe. The hobbyist development system is to be priced at $199 (US) and £152 / €248 when it is released exclusively through the company's website in May (US) and June (Europe). The PS2 Linux kit has been selling for as much as £800 (€1,300) on the grey import market in this country, and consists of an internal hard disk drive with a 40Gb capacity and a 100Mbit Base T Ethernet interface (identical to the drive and network adapter to be supplied for use with broadband-enabled PlayStation 2 consoles). Although we know relatively little about the Linux kit, it would seem likely that consumers will eventually be able to deploy the above for use with the Telewest-hosted broadband network. The kit also comes with a VGA box for outputting to PC monitors, as well as a USB keyboard and mouse. Software-wise, the hard disk hosts Version 1.0 of the Linux for PlayStation 2 distribution using Kernal version 2.2.1 with USB device support. On the development front, bedroom dynamos will be pleased to learn that the software uses gcc 2.95.2 and glibc 2.2.2 with VU assemblers. And includes XFree86 3.3.6 with PlayStation 2 graphics synthesizer support. The rest of us won't even know what that means, though. Potential buyers will obviously need to own an American or European PlayStation 2, an 8Mb memory card and also a VESA monitor, i.e. something that can display the Linux for PlayStation 2's native output of 1024x768 XGA. Monitors must support "sync on green", but even a cursory evaluation of your humble correspondent's monitor reveals a "sync on green" option, so it cannot be too exclusive. Although penguins aren't usually our thing, we do hope to bring you more details when we have them. Related Feature - PS2 Linux Kit heading for the US?

Not Tux, yesterday

Source - ZDNet

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