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Linkin Xbox

Microsoft sign Linkin Park to promote Xbox

Showing once again that they have a $500m marketing budget and aren't afraid to use it, Microsoft yesterday announced a co-promotion deal with popular beat combo Linkin Park. The partnership will see "substantial promotional support" for the Xbox on Linkin Park's new Projekt : Revolution tour, as well as crosslinking between the Xbox and Linkin Park websites. On top of that fans will be able to win Xboxes signed by the band and buy Xbox-emblazoned Linkin Park merchandise. Linkin Park are said to be "huge fans of Xbox", while Microsoft for their part declared that "Xbox couldn't tour with a cooler group". And with Projekt : Revolution set to become an annual event (assuming the band lasts that long), Linkin Park's brand management company babbled something about how "the relationship between Linkin Park and Xbox will help further establish and communicate the identities between artist and brand". Aw, bless. Related Feature - European Xbox advertising kicks off

Source - press release