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GBA price drop

Nintendo slashes the system by a third in Europe

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Nintendo has slashed the cost of its GameBoy Advance handheld by a third in Europe. The company today announced a global price drop for the system, effective February 1st, 2002. After more than six months at €150 (£90), the console begins a new life at €99 (£60), also dropping to 8800 yen (€75 / £45) in Japan and $79.95 (€92 / £55) in the States. As part of the webcast that announced the GameCube's impending arrival in Europe, Nintendo of Europe MD David Gosen told viewers that the GBA has been a huge success worldwide, and at this new price that success is set to continue. The webcast also listed a new portfolio of games for 2002, including the just-released Advance Wars and the highly anticipated trio of Golden Sun, Super Mario Advance 2 (now subtitled Super Mario World for simplicity) and Diddy Kong Pilot. Other software releases include Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 from Activision, Sonic Advance from Infogrames, Colin MacRae Rally 2.0 from Ubi Soft and the continuously-resold-but-ultimately-laughable Star Wars : Jedi Power Battles from THQ. Nintendo promises over 50 titles published by third parties in 2002, and at its new price point, we can obviously expect even more in the long run. Related Feature - The War Room

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