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Gekido comes to GameBoy Advance

Beat 'em up collides with adventure game, many fatalities expected

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Italian developers Naps Team are working on a GameBoy Advance follow-up to their critically acclaimed PSOne action-adventure game Gekido. Harking back to the classic beat 'em ups of yore, the game is reverting to a 2D side-scrolling view of the world and will include an enhanced dose of adventure game elements as well as plenty of hyperkinetic action. Gekido Advance (aka Gekido : Kintaro's Revenge) is set a year after the PSOne game's finale, with evil omens apparently foretelling the return of an evil presence. Now you must guide Tetsuo, adopted son of Shinken master Ushi, as he seeks the source of this evil in an isolated farming village, indulging in frequent over-the-top bouts of fisticuffs along the way. Naps are describing it as "the first real fighting adventure game", and judging from the screenshots we've seen so far it should be worth keeping an eye on. Related Feature - Gekido screenshots

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