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PS2 to launch on February 22nd

South Korean gamers get their hands on their first official console release

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Sony is readying the PlayStation 2 for its South Korean launch on February 22nd. The date, coincidentally shared with the Japanese launch of Microsoft's Xbox, will see Sony's black box make history as the first console officially released in the territory. The traditionally black market-led console market in Korea will benefit from the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK), and their continuous support. PlayStation 2 will launch at a cost of 358,000 won (£189 / €310), compared to £199 (€323) in the UK and the equivalent of £205 (€333) in the USA. with fourteen launch titles including Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty and Onimusha. For reference, Metal Gear Solid 2 has yet to be released in Europe, so it's clear that Sony is going after Korea with a Japanese-level imperative. They have already spent over two trillion won establishing SCEK.

Source - Core Magazine

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