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Have a Mice Day

Microsoft captures the spirit of the Japanese Xbox launch in one game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Unfortunately for you, I have been instructed to stop opining on the subject of the European Xbox advertising campaign. This means no more handlebarred stag jokes, and even fewer pube-covered bars of soap. And no green squiggles. That said, I am permitted to report on "Mice Day", a new Xbox game from Mediaquest and Microsoft previewed by select journalists in Tokyo recently. Along with several speeches from company representatives, the press was treated to footage and a television advertisement for Mice Day. The advert apparently concerns a group of martial artists on the beach. According to Core Magazine's photo diary of the event, there were cute Japanese singers, bustling executives and even more. As far as we can make out, it's a Commandos 2-style strategy / action game set in a house with four mice to control. The challenge is to get hold of some cheese. Although completely unhinged to the popular Western rodent, Stuart Little fans might like the look of this.

Source - Core Magazine

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