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Vib Ribbon 2!

Promoting eclectic musical bunny action for the 21st Century

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although Sony is issuing no comment on the subject, C&VG is reporting that Nana On-Sha's PSone musical rabbit Vib Ribbon is set to return this year, to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Jose, California in March. Vib Ribbon is a very simple game where wacky Japanese music (or another selection of your choice - the game is happy for you to insert your own CDs after loading) accompanies the sight of a small white, wireframe bunny dancing merrily along in a straight line. With the camera rotating all over the shop and the music pounding, small obstacles start appearing and gradually increase in regularity and complexity along this unidirectional bunny's path. Only by manipulating the right buttons at the right time can the player get the bunny through his ordeal. Think of it as Samba De Amigo the assault course. Of course, unlike Samba De Amigo, Vib Ribbon's eccentric style wasn't patronized into obscurity and up until a few months ago copies of the game were still available for sale. Hell, even your humble correspondent bought a couple of copies to distribute amongst his more style conscious relatives. Due to a distinct lack of the game at retail now however (even decent PSone games are hard to find these days), eBay is one of the last remaining hopes for budding Vibbers. Or at least, that was true. Until today. Blessed art thou, Sony.

Vib Ribbon (yes, they will care about this one John)

Source - C&VG

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