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Typing of the PC

Sega to produce more Typing games for the PC

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I awoke just now from a reader-induced slumber only to realise that my PC was pinging at me. After locating the cause of the disturbance - MSN Messenger - I promptly eliminated it. However, as soon as my head hit the keyboard it sprang up again. At this point, I knew it was serious. Do you remember Typing of the Dead? It was a clever reworking of Sega's seminal lightgun shoot 'em up, House of the Dead. Players killed on-screen enemies by quickly typing the words that appeared in boxes above the characters' heads. Or in the case of characters already relieved of their heads, the uppermost area of the torso… You no doubt remember that message I received. Whatever could it concern!? Well, obviously it's new games in the Typing series, but I'm still being pretty elusive. The contents of this website concern a certain "Typing Space Harrier", currently scheduled for release in Japan on February 28th. However, the untrained eye might have missed the other promised title, found on the main Sega PC website. It appears one placing under Typing Space Harrier, but without any helpful screenshots or anything of the sort to translate. We have zero details on it, but, uhm… Typing Outrun, anyone?

Source - Sega Japan (special thanks to Ben Carter)

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