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Comanche 4 tournament

Win computer hardware playing Novalogic's latest chopper action game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Novalogic have teamed up with the Virtual Gaming Alliance to launch a Comanche 4 tournament for the UK. Taking place on the afternoon of Sunday 24th February at a variety of LAN gaming centers across the country, the contest will give players a chance to win an Athlon-based 1.4GHz PC (which may just about run the game at a playable framerate .. if you're lucky), "cutting edge" ELSA graphics cards and old Novalogic games amongst other prizes. Full details can be found here. For those of you with a short attention span, Comanche 4 is the latest in Novalogic's million-selling series of helicopter action games, with the emphasis firmly on stealth combat and gorgeous graphics this time round rather than painstakingly accurate simulation. Related Feature - Comanche 4 review

"My, what a big chopper you have." "All the better to frag you with."

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