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DIY DSL goes live

Low key launch

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Today marks the official commercial launch of BT Wholesale's DIY "wires only" DSL service.The service is cheaper to use than existing DSL products and doesn't require an engineer to install the product. Many people in the industry are keeping their fingers crossed that DIY DSL might just do the trick and deliver a much-needed boot up the backside for broadband. Then again, maybe it won't ... today's launch is very much a low-key affair. BT Wholesale seems content to stay silent on the subject while BT's ISP, BTopenworld, does not have a self-install product in place. "We're still assessing the impact of the trial," said a spokesman for the ISP. However, it will be announcing details of its DIY offering later in the month. AOL UK is still trialling its service with several hundred of its subscribers. According to a spokesman, the trial is going well, although the ISP still needs to complete its assessment of the technology before making any decisions. Freeserve, too, is still trialling the product and will release further details "in due course". A handful of ISPs have launched commercial services for self install DSL. Leeds-based PlusNet, among others, is offering the service for £35.25 a month plus an activation fee of £58.75. And Bucks-based Nildram is charging £50 to activate the service with a monthly subscription of £39. However, critics warn that despite today's launch the service is still too expensive for mass-market consumers.

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