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GLADIAC to become Euro-exclusive?

ELSA re-evaluates its position in the States

ELSA has revised its North American business strategy to focus more clearly on the workstation graphics market. A long-time purveyor of NVIDIA-powered GLADIAC graphics cards amongst other hardware lines, San José-based ELSA Inc. issued a press release to this effect on November 6th, ahead of the company's quarterly report a fortnight later. However, certain sections of the online media have been charged with misinterpreting the press release. We spoke to an European ELSA representative this morning to clarify the situation, and she had this to say: "As disclosed by press release on Nov. 6, 2001 and further explained in the companies quarterly report published Nov. 22, 2001, the companies US business strategy includes a clear focus on the leading position in the workstation graphics market." "In all other regions ELSA will continue to market the high-performing products of the successful GLADIAC series through the well established business channels. These in fact are continuing to enjoy strong demand." Although ELSA is one of NVIDIA's strongest supporters in Europe, the stronger North American market has already claimed Creative as a victim. The Sound Blaster manufacturer recently gave up producing GeForce-based graphics card for the US, much to the disgust of their customers. With an increasing number of manufacturers vying for contention, ELSA's decision seems less and less remarkable. Related Feature - GeForce 3 review