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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sony expand presence at MILIA

Running scared?

Many are looking to MILIA 2002 as the birthplace of the European GameCube. Rumour has it that Nintendo could launch the console within weeks of the show, and at the latest within a couple of months. Never one to stand idly by while a competitor gets a foothold, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it will have an expanded presence at this year's event, including the attendance of key European management. Furthermore, SCEE's senior veepee of Development Phil Harrison will be speaking at the Think.Tank Summit Conference, MILIA's high level strategic event for senior decision makers in interactive content and entertainment. Bloody elitists. MILIA and Sony have expressed mutual appreciation of one another in a press release, and it looks as though the gaming giant plans to try and upstage Nintendo. Unfortunately, as they discovered to their chagrin at last year's E3, journalists have a tendency to go potty over GameCube. Fixated though we are, we expect to see Sony make at least one relatively major announcement at the show, in the interest of competition. Related Feature - Nintendo President retires

Source - press release