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The One That Got Away

Popular precision mice, from the company that almost wasn't

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With most of the pro gaming circuit fighting for places down the toilet, it comes as a pleasant surprise to discover that Razer, the company behind those inimitable Boomslang precision mice, is back in business after a close scrape. In a message to customers on the company's website - - "Thanks, thanks and just plain thanks, for the over 10,000 welcome back emails, and the thousands of customers who placed a product reservation on our To Buy page. Your Boomslang is here and waiting for you!" On something of the high, the front page goes on to promise that the 1,500 letters and emails demanding XP drivers will be answered soon. "We are anticipating posting betas on our drivers page on January 11, 2002." That's sometime today. The drivers aren't up yet, but I won't split hairs about it, since it is only seven minutes past midnight… Razer's return is an interesting development. It's clear that the technology downturn has hit pro gaming extremely hard, with the scaling back of tournaments and just the other day, the closure of London's The Playing Fields, a regular host for CPL events amongst others. Perhaps gamers are starting to get their thirst for slaughter back, after pleading sabbatical over the last six months or so. Too late for some... Related Feature - Razer BoomSlang 2000 mouse review

Gestalt's hand... 700 days previously

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