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Combat Mission goes Gold

Popular mail-order strategy game gets retail release

CDV have announced that they will be releasing a double disc pack in February called Combat Mission Gold, featuring the popular turn-based strategy game and a host of modifications and add-ons for it. Hitherto only available over the internet, the game is set on the western front during World War II and takes you from the D-Day landings in Normandy to the final push into Germany. Along with the game itself (originally released way back in June 2000) the pack will also include over 80 user-made mods, adding a host of new scenarios, maps and units. "Combat Mission is a strategy game with huge appeal, yet until now it has escaped the attention of traditional shop-going gamers", according to CDV UK president Terry Malham. "Combat Missions deserves to be recognised as one of the leading strategy games available - and CDV Software Entertainment UK is proud to be the originator of this pack."

Source - press release

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