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Solid Snake slips

Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty now due in March

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Computer & Video Games is reporting that Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty has been delayed in Europe. One of the year's most promising titles continues to elude European buyers, after an incredible reception in the States. The game has been unseated from its previous release date - February 22nd - and won't now see release in Europe until March 8th. Konami has produced two reasons for the delay of MGS2; that they have chosen to make the addition of a "Making of" DVD to every package, and also thanks to unprecedented demand for the title. Konami is calling it their "biggest ever day one order", and the manufacturing of such an enormous number of two-disc sets has forced the small delay. The "Making of" documentary has already shipped alongside the game in its native Japan, and a limited edition version of the game with the extra DVD can be purchased in the USA, where MGS2 is still driving PlayStation 2 sales. According to C&VG though, European gamers will also be treated to a couple of PAL-exclusive features. This is a staggering revelation for fans the world over, many of whom will consider trying to get hold of a European version for completion. The new modes are an Extreme Difficulty Mode and a Casting Theatre. "The latter will allow you to physically alter character models, one of which is the Ninja from the game: the European version is the only to allow gamers to play as the cyber-warrior." So, we now turn our attention to March 8th. Exactly two months from now. Oh crikey, it's pre-order o'clock. Related Feature - Picks for 2002

We... need... more... MGS2... screenshots...

Source - C&VG

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