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Trent Reznor talks Doom

More Nine Inch Nails for id Software?

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Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has rekindled speculation that he will be providing the soundtrack for id Software's new Doom game in an interview with MacWorld. Most of the feature is fairly uninteresting stuff about Reznor's use of Pro Tools and DVD Studio Pro on the Mac, but towards the end of the interview he is asked if he is planning to score any more computer games, having provided the moody industrial ambient music that added to the atmosphere of the original Quake. "I've been discussing things with Id Software for Doom III", Trent confirmed. "It's not formalized at this point, but it's something I really want to do. When I did Quake, we were still questioning if the audio was going to be streamed off of CD, which if it wasn't was incredibly limiting. But .. as interactive as things are now, and as immersive as the engine they've been working on is graphically, and some of the program is so moody; it's like scoring a film. Yet it's much more intense than a film because it doesn't always go the same way, it has to be interactive. Plus the mood of the game is so dark and evil, it's interesting to me." Be still my beating heart. Related Feature - Doom III screenshots

Doom 3 - dark and evil. Right up Trent Reznor's street then...

Source - Macworld

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