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Allied Assault under way

New single player demo released (officially this time)

After a week of confusion, the new 175Mb single player demo for Medal of Honour : Allied Assault has been officially released on the net. Originally the demo was intended to be exclusively available on the cover disk of American magazine CGW, but before the issue had even hit news stands the demo had been leaked to an east European gaming site. Since then it's spread like wildfire around the net, with EA belatedly getting it pulled from some of the more prominent sites. To add to the chaos, had already started selling copies of the demo on CD-Rom, although the offer was pulled from their site earlier this week amidst suggestions that the demo CDs should really have been given away to people who had pre-ordered the game instead of being sold to unwitting punters at $5 a pop. The whole mess even spawned an article on CNN. The demo itself features one mission - Nebelwerfer Hunt - which sees the player tracking down a battery of the eponymous German rocket launchers in Normandy shortly after D-Day. Along the way you will take out a tank with a captured German panzerfaust and fight your way through the streets of a ruined French village with a trio of American soldiers. It's all good clean fun, although if you have already downloaded the leaked version of the demo there's no reason to download this - it appears to be exactly the same, except that this time it's been "exclusively" released through FilePlanet as part of a promotional tie-up with CGW. Needless to say, it's already available from all your favourite outlets -

download from Blue's News (USA)

download from Bonus Web (CZ)

download from File Planet (USA - free registration required)

download from NGI (IT)

download from Tiscali (CZ)

- Allied Assault screenshots