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Unreal Tournament 2 on its way

No official comment from Infogrames yet, but rumours seem to be true

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Although there's still been no official announcement from Infogrames, rumours that Digital Extremes were working on a sequel to online shooter Unreal Tournament seem to have been confirmed by a press kit which has surfaced on a Belgian gaming site. If the product sheet turns out to be genuine (which it appears to be), Unreal Tournament II is on its way to the PC this summer. The sequel will apparently sport a mixture of old favourites and new features - Capture the Flag and a revamped Domination are joined by new Survivor and Bombing Run modes, while classic weapons such as the Flak Cannon and Shock Rifle will be joined by a new Ion Cannon and Link Gun. Some of Unreal Championship's features seem to have crossed over into the new PC effort as well, such as the inclusion of vehicles and differentiated characters, each with their own unique abilities. How this will all shape up in practice remains to be seen, as the screenshots which came with the press kit honestly aren't all that impressive. No doubt if the game really is due out in Q3 2002 we will hear more about it soon though, hopefully through somewhat more official channels...

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