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First quarter for GameCube

Nintendo brings plenty of third party releases into focus

Nintendo of America has released a list of some of the software that will find its way to GameCube in the first quarter of 2002 in the States. Apart from NBA Courtside 2002, there are no first party games, but Nintendo has confirmed that Star Fox Adventures : Dinosaur Planet and Eternal Darkness will both be released in the first half of 2002. Eternal Darkness has originally been scheduled for a February release, with Dinosaur Planet set for March. The list of some 19 games features games from Acclaim, Namco, EA, Konami and more. Sega's long-awaited Virtua Striker 3 is looming - let's hope it can improve on its lacklustre Dreamcast predecessor. Gauntlet : Dark Legacy also stands out, along with the GameCube version of EA's Bond-athon Agent Under Fire and Dark Summit from THQ. After all the bleating and whining about the 'complete lack' of third party support for Nintendo's next-generation console, this list makes interesting reading. Here it is in full:

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker (Acclaim) All-Star Baseball 2003 (Acclaim) Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (Activision) Dark Summit (THQ) ESPN International Winter Sports 2002 (Konami) ESPN MLS Extra Time 2002 (Konami) Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Midway) James Bond in Agent Under Fire (EA) Legends of Wrestling (Acclaim) NBA 2K2 (Sega) NBA Courtside 2002 (Nintendo) NBA Street (EA) NFL Blitz 2002 (Midway) Pac Man World 2 (Namco) Rayman Arena (Ubi Soft) Smashing Drive (Namco) Spy Hunter (Midway) Tetris World (THQ) Virtua Striker 3 (Sega)

Of course, us thirdplacers will have to wait until the second quarter for Nintendo's wonder console. Such is life. Related Feature - Hip to be Cube!

Source - GameSpot