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ELSPA beats con-men

Pirates suffer the consequences

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The ELSPA's dedicated crime unit has been working overtime this Christmas, with two men - Mr. Keith Quarterman from Birmingham, and Mr. John Heath of Stoke On Trent - earning jail time and suffering forfeiture of all their computers and videogame software. Quarterman was convicted of five specimen counts of having the copied PlayStation software in his possession, for gain, under the Trademarks Act 1994, while Heath was found guilty of producing copies of PlayStation games for his own gain, contrary to Section 92 of the same Act. Quarterman received 12 months, Heath received 30, and both lost all their toys. The ELSPA's Director General Roger Bennet commented, "ELSPA's dedicated anti-piracy unit is determined to rid the streets of these counterfeit con-men. The outcome of [the Heath case] is an excellent example of the achievements that can be seen following the multi agency approaches which are conducted throughout the country and should be a clear warning to all those who may be tempted in becoming involved with this illegal activity." Related Feature - Roger Bennet interview

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