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New Sega Rally planned

Another popular Sega series gets a next generation boost

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Casual console fans always seem to mention Sega Rally amongst their favourite games. This was drilled home to me at the Delta Force III launch last year, when even the chap manning the vodka luge mentioned it. It's never been brilliant, I think it's fair to say, but the arcade version of Sega Rally 2 meant the difference between a boring four-hour Channel crossing from Newhaven and an only mildly boring one, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. So, casual console fans rejoice! Sega spokesperson Tadashi Takezaki has confirmed that another Sega Rally is indeed planned. Subsidiary Sega Rosso will be handling development once they put the finishing touches on their comic arcade racer Kashiramoji D, which launches in Japan this spring. Sega Rosso have previously worked on NASCAR Aracde, Sega Touring Car and Star Wars Arcade Racing. Related Feature - Sega GT Dreamcast review

Source - Core Magazine

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