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Sam console port a Serious possibility?

Croteam's madcap first person shooter could be on its way to the Xbox

It seems that Croteam's frenetic first person shooter Serious Sam could be on its way to the Xbox. In an e-mail posted on console fan site TeamXbox, Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric is quoted as saying that "we agree that Serious Sam would be great to play on Xbox", adding that "many noticed the game has [a] strong console feel and that's how we designed it in the first place". With the soon-to-be-released Second Encounter adding DirectX 8 support to the game's engine, the possibilites of a port to the Xbox are now strong. "Serious Engine will definitely be available for Xbox", Roman is reported as saying. "So [it's] obvious .. that Serious Sam should be there too". Related Feature - Serious Sam : Second Encounter preview

Now that's what I call a Serious sequel

Source - TeamXbox