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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Flash upgrade

More Operation Flashpoint goodies released online

The fourth and final upgrade for Operation Flashpoint is now online, offering a new multiplayer paintball map, improved net code and other fixes and optimisations. It's only about 6Mb, and you can download it from the Codemasters website. Meanwhile those of you who haven't already bought the Operation Flashpoint Gold Upgrade add-on can now download it for a mere £4.99. This gives you a massive new twenty mission single player campaign showing the conflict from the Soviet side, along with a 64 page .pdf format Operation Flashpoint strategy guide from Prima. Finally, those of you who have yet to discover the joys of Operation Flashpoint can download a new multiplayer demo. Weighing in at 49Mb, it includes two capture the flag maps for you to play online or over a network, with support for two to eight players. Well worth a look if you missed the game the first time round. Related Feature - Operation Flashpoint review