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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Broadstation Soon

Sony announces yet another parnership to help its PS2 network take shape

Sony is making its boldest move yet into broadband content and gaming services. In addition to the company's previously announced alliance with NTT in Japan, reporters have been told today that Sony will also ally with Yahoo Japan and Softbank. Yahoo Japan and Softbank recently launched a cut price ADSL service in Japan, which is presently lashing the broadband market from a new angle in the Far East. Sony hopes that by building a rich network of content and fast access in Japan, it will set another enviable example for players like Microsoft and Nintendo, and attract new customers to its stunningly popular PlayStation 2 platform. Still the market leader the world over in spite of its competition, Sony's console will be the first to provide a range of digital content to the consumers, with music, games and video. The network that Yahoo Japan and Softbank help to create will also include auctions and financial services, according to Sony's announcement. There were about 350,000 ADSL lines in use in Japan at the beginning of September, and by the time Sony launches that number could more than double.

Source - ZDNet