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Wanadoo unveils trio of new games

And an odd lot they are too

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wanadoo's already expansive release schedule looks set to stretch still further, with information and screenshots for three more games reaching us from their UK distributor Koch. First up is Inquisition, which follows the fortunes of the son of an impoverished noble in 14th century France. While in prison for attempted robbery he meets a former Knight Templar who has been tortured by the eponymous religious enforcers with the lovely red uniforms. This dying knight reveals to him the first clue towards the location of the Templar's legendary treasure, setting you on a quest which will apparently include a combination of combat, strategy and platform-inspired sections. Next on the list is Halloween, an off-the-wall platform game starring a pair of trick-or-treating kids dressed up as a witch and a devil. Cue all kinds of haunted house shenanigans as the children find themselves trying to find their way out of locations such as a mysterious mansion, cemetery, laboratory and even a pyramid. Developed for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and GameBoy Advance by Kalisto, the game is due out next autumn, presumably just in time for Halloween itself. Finally there is Curse, an action-adventure game set in Victorian London centering around a missing Egyptian statuette and the curse that surrounds it, causing "madness or violent death" in those who come into contact with it. Now it's up to you to recover the statuette, which was stolen from the British museum, and return it to the pyramid it was originally discovered in. Expect PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game to emerge in Q3 2002.

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