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Miyamoto has a Pikmin 2 post-it

The game itself could take as little as half a year to make, the venerable designer comments

IGN is reporting by way of GameCube Inside that Pikmin 2 is on the cards and could take half a year or less to complete. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man responsible for the original Pikmin and virtually every Nintendo game of substance since the 1980s, let slip in a recent interview that he adorns his personal space with post-it notes tracking new ideas and upcoming games, and that a note for Pikmin 2 is already in place. He also mentioned that a sequel could take a meagre half-year to create. When Pikmin launched on the 26th October it sold 127,000 copies in just 10 days according to Famitsu Magazine, and we had heard that taking into account the various other licensed retailers and outlets it may have sold upwards of 190,000 copies in that time. Of course, half a year is an awfully Romero-esque goal, but we were all mad to trust the great charlatan's gaudy hairstyle and rockstar lifestyle in the first place. Miyamoto is a much more dignified game designer and we trust him a sight more… Related Feature - Pikmin preview

Source - IGN