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PlayStation 2 one year old tomorrow

Many happy returns, and freebies for registered consumers!

The PlayStation 2 has been coming of age recently, but as Sony pointed out to us last week, tomorrow - November 24th - is the first anniversary of the console's launch in Europe. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sony is sending out Birthday cards to anybody who was pre-registered with the company when the machine launched. By way of a thank you Sony have sent the foldout cards comprising information on up and coming games like Jak & Daxter, classics like SSX and Gran Turismo 3 and a Dixons voucher which entitles you to £5 off the asking price of Sony's World Rally Championship, valid between November 30th and December 14th. Whether this is the only voucher they are handing out is unknown. If anybody has a voucher for Jak & Daxter though, I'll swap! Anyway, Happy Birthday PlayStation 2, and we look forward to unwrapping a lot more of your presents over the course of the next month! Related Feature - The Second Coming