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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Asheron's future calling

New footage from sequel available and mission pack launching

Asheron's Call has always played second fiddle to Everquest, but the recent release of the Dark Majesty expansion pack in America has apparently given it a new lease of life, with the add-on going straight to the top of the PC charts, knocking the much vaunted Dark Age of Camelot off the top spot in the process. The pack adds a variety of new monsters to kill and new lands to explore, as well as the ability to own your own house, ranging from ramshackle cottages to vast sprawling mansions. And the good news for European fans is that the game is due out on this side of the pond on Friday. In related news, Microsoft have released a new teaser for the Asheron's Call sequel currently under development at Turbine. The short 35 second movie includes footage showing characters being animated and the map editor in action, as well as some impressive in-game shots which show a richly textured world of rolling hills, towering mountains, mist-shrouded jungles and bizarre looking monsters. You can view the streaming video on Microsoft's Asheron's Call website. Related Feature - The Dereth Diary