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No slow down for NVIDIA

Business booms, despite terrorist attacks and US recession

NVIDIA reported record earnings this week, with revenues for the three months to October 28th coming in at $370m, up a staggering 87% on the same period the previous year. Profits were also up 60% to $45m. This is all the more impressive given that the terrorist attacks on America took place right in the middle of the financial quarter, not to mention the fact that the country's economy is sliding into recession at the moment. "Our third quarter results exemplify our continued technology leadership and the intense focus and relentless execution of our employees", President Jen-Hsun Huang declared, apparently confirming rumours of brutal beheadings at NVIDIA. "With the excellent success of leveraging the GeForce architecture into winning products for desktop PCs, laptops, workstations, Mac and Xbox, we now have multiple growth drivers that will accelerate our already strong momentum." Related Feature - GeForce 3 Titanium review

Source - PR Newswire