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Halo still coming to PC and Mac

So says Bungie's Matt Soell

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Bungie's Matt Soell, who recently spoke out against the wave of Xbox instability reports, has confirmed that Halo will in fact still be released on PC and Mac, just not immediately and perhaps not in the same form. "'Only on Xbox' means 'Not on any other console'", Soell chides on Bungie's Internet forum. "It does not mean 'Never coming to Mac or PC'. Halo will be coming to Mac and PC." Soell says that there are "a lot of questions that must be answered" before Halo can be released on those other formats, though. He then likens to journey towards Mac and PC versions of Halo to "driving across town to a friend's house" with all the detours and changes that the average driver wouldn't be aware of when he set out. Multiplayer and control systems will be the most important roadworks, we'd say. Halo has been hyped to death over the last year or so, and with the game now a week away, interest has peaked. Something tells me that at this point, the game's reception at launch may have more to do with whether or not it's converted than anything else… Related Feature - Halo screenshots

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