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Rebel Act not dead after all

Reports of their demise apparently exaggerated

Several major news sites yesterday reported on rumours that Spanish developers Rebel Act Studios were closing down, but having contacted marketing bod Juan Díaz-Bustamante we are happy to report that the company behind Severance : Blade of Darkness has not collapsed. The unconfirmed rumours first came about when a Spanish online magazine called Area66, which is owned by the same company as Rebel Act, closed down. Another Spanish site put two and two together and got five, and thanks to the less than wonderful translation skills of Babelfish the rumours were further garbled by the time the story started to appear on American sites last night. Through all of this nobody seems to have thought to contact Rebel Act to find out what their side of the story was, and when we got in touch with them earlier this afternoon we were glad to hear that the reports of their demise had been somewhat exaggerated. "There is something true, and it is that we are looking for an international partner to invest in the company so that we can keep our growth and our stability for the future", Juan told us. "We are at the moment speaking with some publishers and let's see if we can announce something soon in this sense." So there you have it - Rebel Act is looking for new investment to fund their growth, but they haven't closed down, and work on the forthcoming Xbox version of Severance continues. Hopefully more details will emerge soon...