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Codemasters Going In

Sneaks into Eidos HQ and steals IGI2 publishing rights

Codemasters have revealed that they have secured global publishing rights (with the exception of Scandinavia) for Innerloop's sequel to popular stealth shooter Project IGI, which was published last year by Eidos. Imaginatively titled IGI 2, the new game is due out next summer and will focus again on the career of former SAS soldier turned freelancer David Jones. Along the way you will get to visit Russia, China and Libya, infiltrating air bases, harbours and the ubiquitous secret government installations. "After the success of Operation Flashpoint, we're very excited to be working closely with such a creative team to produce a game that we're confident will be the most dramatic and entertaining first-person action adventure of 2002", Codemasters' Gary Rowe beamed, adding that "their ambitions for this new title impressed us greatly". Innerloop are promising "an enthralling story" and enhanced graphics with more water, weather effects and night time conditions. They have also pledged to fix one of the biggest shortcomings of the original game, the lacklustre AI. All-new artificial intelligence will apparently allow your opponents to work together more efficiently as a team, instead of standing scratching their heads as you pick their friends off one by one. Related Feature - Project IGI review

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