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UbiSoft announce Xbox duo

Rayman M and Batman: Vengeance to ship on Microsoft's console platform

UbiSoft is developing Xbox versions of two of its forthcoming PlayStation 2 prospects, the company has revealed. Rayman M and Batman: Vengeance, the two games the company was pushing on PS2 at ECTS this year, will both be faithfully converted to the new format. Batman: Vengeance will remain more or less the same, while Rayman M will pick up "emphasized graphics and fluid action courtesy of [blah blah Xbox spiel] with 1500 faces per character, complex shadows, new lighting process and more." This sounds suspiciously similar to the promises made about the PS2 version, but we'll reserve judgement until we've played both. Both games are set to appear in Europe during 2002. Quelle surprise! Related Feature - Batman: Vengeance PS2 preview

Source - Batman: Vengeance and Rayman M press releases